We often get asked, “What should we wear to our photo session?” Deciding what to wear can seem overwhelming, but it doesn’t have to be. Here are a few simple tips we’d like to share.

  • The number one rule: wear something that you are comfortable in and makes you feel great!  If you feel great, you will be confident and look wonderful in the photographs!
  • Comfort is also key because you will be walking, moving, and playing during the photo shoot.
  • For group shots, pick a few complementary colors and choose outfits from that palate. Solid colors work best. Prints are more difficult, but they can be coordinated too. For example, if mom is going to wear a floral print dress, you can pick colors from the print to coordinate with the rest of your family's outfits.
  • Choose similar tones for your top and bottom, either both dark or light; this will give you a better line in the photograph.
  • Get kids involved in the choice of their outfit; we want them to be happy with the clothes and be sure the clothes reflect who they are now. If your daughter has a hat she can’t be without, it would be great to incorporate that into the photo session (it will be a nice memory to look back on).
Portrait of young couple in the Bosque, Albquerque
  • Pick clothes that match the season and the location of the photo session.
  • Clothes that are simple and classic will give the photographs (and you!) a timeless look and feel.
  • If you are planning to hang or display the photographs in your home, then you may want to consider wearing colors that complement the room you will be placing them in.
  • Avoid bright whites, neon colors, and clothing with large logos; they usually do not photograph well and will distract viewers away from you.
  • Avoid sleeveless shirts and tops too, as bare arms can distract from your face.
  • And remember: you are going to look great

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