Thank you for your interest in Red Agave Photography.  Portrait sessions are personal and capturing you and your loved ones is very important to us.   Our on location family portrait sessions are made to be fun, memorable, and stress free! Let us handle the details so you can relax and enjoy your time together. We've put together this page so you will know what to expect from your photo shoot, from the initial contact, to the receipt of your digital prints.  Please  contact us  if you have any additional questions, we'd love to chat.

What happens after I contact you?

We’ll contact you to discuss our services; we can do this either over the phone, by email, or meet with you in person, whichever is the most convenient for you.  If our services sound like a match, we will discuss where and when your session will take place; what kind of shoot it will be (individual, family, head shot, high school senior shoot, etc.); and, most importantly, how we can personalize your session to meet your needs.  After our call we'll put the information we discussed together and forward it and a contract to you via email.   You will also receive tips on what to wear and how to prepare for the photoshoot.   Once the session fee or deposit is paid, your session is booked.

Can we have the photo session at our home or office?

You can definitely have the session at your home or office. We will work with you to find the right setting and lighting.  The main thing is that you feel comfortable and relaxed for your photo session.

Will you help us pick a location for the photo session?

Absolutely, location is a very important element of your photo session.  We'll help you find the right setting and location that will reflect your family's personality and interests.  Of course, if you have a favorite place you would like to have the session at we would love to discuss it with you.   

What should I wear to the photo session?

There is really only one rule about what to wear;  it should be something that you are comfortable in and makes you feel great!  If you feel great, that will come across in your photos!

That said, a family or group photo will look best if the colors and outfits complement one another.   We want you to be the focus of the photographs not the clothes.  This is something we can discuss during the consultation, but in the mean time you might want to check out our post on this topic,  Click Here

What happens on the day of the photo shoot?

Before your session, we will send you directions and details on your photo shoot location.   On the day of the shoot we will meet you there at your scheduled time.  Before we start taking your photos, we will go over the shoot and any special requests or any questions you may have.  Then it is time to shoot!  We like to keep the shoot relaxed and capture candid moments along with lightly posed shots.  We want you to enjoy the photo session!

How soon after our photo session will we be able to see our photos?

After your session, we will begin the post-production phase (which takes about two weeks).  During this time, we will be going over all of the photos from your session to select the best images for editing and final delivery.  Among the refinements we'll be making are color-correction, refining tones and contrast, and adjusting exposure settings as needed. We will also be retouching your photos to smooth out or remove things like blemishes, fly-away hairs, or the occasional visible bra strap. Our post-production treatment of your photos will provide you with the highest quality images.

What happens if our appointment gets cancelled due to weather?

We know the weather in New Mexico can change abruptly. In the days before your session, we will keep an eye on weather forecasts and if conditions aren’t favorable for the day of the shoot, we will notify you as soon as we can. If weather conditions do force us to cancel your photo session we will reschedule it for the soonest available time convenient to you.

What if we need to cancel our appointment?

We know that things come up from time to time that can make it impossible to keep an appointment and we will be happy to reschedule for you.  But please try to give us as much notice as possible.

What is the difference between web-ready and high resolution images?

The web-ready images are suitable for social media (such as Facebook and Instagram) and will also look great on your phone!  They'll usually be less than 1 megapixel in size, perfect for making photographic prints up to 4x6 inches. 

High-resolution images are much larger in size, up to 50 megapixels!  Your prints can be quite large too, often up 30x40 inches!

What is a print release form and why do I need one?

As the photographers of your session, we hold the copyright to the images. Many photo labs require a signed print release from your photographer to process your images. This release gives you the freedom to reprint the images whenever and where ever you want for your personal use.

Will you deliver every photograph you shoot?

Like most professional photographers, we usually shoot many more photos during a session than we will be delivering to a client. These "extra" shots include test shots to set exposure and light settings, shots where you might have your eyes closed, unexpected blur, and images that otherwise are unusable.  This allows us to present our clients with only the best images from their session to make their final selections.

What kinds of print sets and products do you offer?

You'll be able to select a variety of digital files, products, and prints of your session photos directly from your on-line gallery: from canvas and metal prints to a wide selection of photographic paper prints.